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Water Conservation

We at Southern Tropics Irrigation realize that a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system helps promote water conservation. With proper management, we can minimize the amount of water that is used, while still ensuring your lawn and landscaping stays alive and healthy.


Since water conservation saves you money, the following tips are ways we can work together to make sure that becomes a reality.

  • Have your sprinkler checked and maintained regularly.

  • Water in the early morning hours to minimize evaporation.

  • Adjust sprinklers so only your lawn and landscaping is watered; avoid watering your house, sidewalks or streets.

  • Keep your sprinkler system programmed so that you are inline with the city's water conservation requirements.

  • Ensure your system is set properly so that it does not over water.

  • Have a rain gauge installed to determine exactly how much water your yard is receiving.

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