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Our Services

At Southern Tropics Irrigation, we provide a wide variety of services to meet your irrigation needs. We cater to both residential and commercial customers. Our service technicians will pay special attention to making sure every inch of your property is watered and will use the highest quality parts and equipment to keep it running at its optimum efficiency.


Irrigation Install

We customize your irrigation system to your needs. Every irrigation system and yard is different. We customize the system to maximize efficiency and save money for the long term.


Irrigation System Repairs/Revamps or Modernization

We review your existing irrigation system and make recommendations as to how you can improve efficiency in your system. We will then repair or revamp your system based on your requests.


Irrigation Adjustment, Repairs and Maintenance 

We offer full service, monthly or bi-monthly contracts to ensure that your irrigation system is operating at full capacity year round. One broken or leaking head will waste more money than our annual contract. You can rest assured that we will keep your system operating in an efficient and proper manner to ensure you are not wasting water and money.

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